Feedback from clients

“It can not be underestimated how important the space you provide is to someone in crisis. It can not be understated just how life saving my therapy time has been. Literally. You provided a space where I’ve been able to openly grieve the loss of my marriage without judgement. Share my feelings without criticism. These things prevented me from drowning in despair and hopelessness.”
"It was extremely helpful to go and speak openly about the unhelpful thought patterns I had developed and to use the counselling room as a safe space to untangle said thought patterns"
"Chris clearly cares about people, and helping them through their issues. Thank you for supporting me through mine."
"My counselling has enabled me to like myself again. I reached out in the hope that someone could help me stop my destructive thought patterns, and my counselling did that and more. Thank you!"
“Working through my internal issues has meant that I have been able to feel good enough as a Dad and a husband. My home relationships are utterly transformed. ”
“I didn’t know if counselling would work for me, but all I can say is that it has. Simple as that.”